Atlanta Auction Gallery started about 10 years ago

Atlanta Auction Gallery started about 10 years ago, back in March 2006, with just a small room and the support of our friends and family. Our love of auctions and all of the unique and unusual treasures we often found at them had resulted in quite a hefty inventory and the need for extra space. Starting an auction was a way for us to create this space and continue cultivating our curiosities in searching for the perfect furniture, artwork, and trinkets.

With Dan Birx at the helm, the auction has grown steadily, accompanied by an expanding community and audience. Now, we are able to absorb items from other collections as well - we find truly special items almost every day as people call Atlanta Auction Gallery looking to downsize their homes or clean out estates. This whole adventure has been so exciting for us all.

Other aspects of our business now include: retail and online sales, furniture restoration and repair, stained glass repair, lighting design, prop rental, and venue rental. Other than the items we have in the auction, we have one of the largest collections of antique and vintage furniture, collectibles, original artwork, and more housed in our 60,000 sq ft warehouse. The collection has been amassed over the period of some 80 years by Michael Robuck (the owner). He started collecting as a kid - rocks, arrowheads, stamps, bird eggs, bird nests, marbles, etc. and with every year, this blossomed into something much much bigger - read (Mike's Bio)

Our goal is to put on one of the most fun and entertaining auctions while steadily improving our auction inventory and providing you - our customers - with a good experience. Whether it's by providing an exciting Friday night out for you at one of our monthly auctions, supplying props and furniture for rentals, helping you run your estate sale, or providing a venue for your next big event, your needs are our top priority. We have gotten so much joy from business over the past 10 years, and hope to spread that joy around to you, too!

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